Computer Lab Rules:

Computer Applications/Skills to be used: Internet, Word, clip-art, Weblockrz

Standards: NETS #1 Basic operations and concepts

* Students demonstrate a sound understanding of the nature and operation of technology systems.

* Students are proficient in the use of technology.


  1. Open the “Computer Rules” PowerPoint from Mr. Snedden’s website on
  2. Work with your table to reduce the computer lab rules to 5.  You may not eliminate anything, just re-write the rules in your own words so that there are only 5.
  3. Create a Word document with the following things:
    1. A title
    2. A new font
    3. 5 items in a bulleted list
    4. At least one inserted picture or clipart to support your rules
    5. Save your file as “yournamelabrules.doc”
  4. Submit the list to Mr. Snedden on Weblockrz
    1. Go to weblockrz
    2. Sign-in as you
    3. Click on this class from your list of classes
    4. Click on “turn in homework”
    5. Click on “browse”
    6. Click on “yournamelabrules.doc”
    7. Submit the assignment