Seminar Humanitites 2007-2008 Course Outline
Snedden/Peach, Correia Middle


Curriculum Overview

The humanities block is aligned to the California Language Arts and History/Social Science State Standards.  Focus will be given to the study of expository text, and a sophisticated analysis and interpretation of other literary genres.  Students will be asked to develop and apply higher level thinking skills to the study of History, which includes the examination of social, cultural, and technological change.


A wide range of learning activities such as role-playing and simulations, Socratic seminars, on-line discussion, cooperative and individual investigations, social book marking, web site analysis, Interent publishing (website development, blogging, and Podcasting), primary source analysis, literature, music, and art will address the diversity of student learning styles.  Formal student assessment will vary to include standardized testing, essay composition, research reports, the creation of a newspaper, and production of a documentary.


This course will conform to the literacy practices adopted by the San Diego Unified School District.  Instruction will include many different reading strategies including read alouds, independent, shared, and guided reading. Students will utilize all technology tools available on campus throughout exploration of content area learning. Seminar Humanities utilizes a hybrid learning environment moving away from traditional paper and pencil toward a paperless classroom by year's end.

Course Goals:

Students will be able toÉ

            -relate historical events, people, geographic locations, and eras.

            -use writing and digital video and audio as tools to assess, clarify, and evaluate.

            -express ideas using the vocabulary of the social sciences.

            -manifest higher order thinking skills to make evaluative judgments.

            -use technology for practical application in academics

            -interact in small groups and online to solve problems and participate in the events of history.

            -recognize the cultural contributions of many ethnic groups.

            -use critical thinking skills to analyze historical issues.

            -interpret maps, charts, and other graphic representations of the social sciences.




Students can find homework assignments on the class website.  Many assignments are available only on the Internet. Internet access is available at Correia if not at home.  Homework completion will be verified on the due date. Late or incomplete assignments will not be eligible for credit but must be completed.  As part of the Monday routine, students will update their planner in class.



All students are expected to read every night.  Students will keep track of their daily reading on a reading log.  Students will be expected to read 1,000 pages every six week marking period and share their reading experiences with their peers.


It is the responsibility of the student to pursue work missed due to absence.  Many cooperative group assignments are conducted in class and cannot be made up; as a result, excessive student absences will greatly affect a studentŐs learning as well as their grade.  Tests and quizzes may only be made up when the absence has been excused.


Class begins when the teacher begins.  The teacher will begin when class is scheduled to start.  Students are expected to be in their seats, have their materials for the day out, and unneeded materials put away for the start of class.  Students who are not in their seat and prepared to start class will be marked tardy.  Three unexcused tardies in any six-week grading period will result in lunch detention and the reduction of citizenship by one letter grade.  


Parent Involvement:

I feel that the education of your child requires a team effort. I strongly encourage the use of parent connect for regular grade and attendance updates. Parent volunteers are frequently needed and always appreciated.  Please feel free to contact me at Correia whenever you have questions or wish to participate:




I look forward to a productive year in hopes of preparing every student for a successful future. 





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