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Integrated Technology Studies Class Overview

Our Responsibility

As a class, it is our responsibility to make the learning experience enjoyable and effective for everyone. Our classroom environment is unique because it exists both in the traditional classroom sense and as a virtual learning universe. We will experience, explore, discuss, and share in person and electronically. Because of the unique nature of our learning environment, new opportunities are presented to everyone who participates in the class. We will be working together to use technology tools to better understand each other and what the world expects from us as we move through the 21st century. While many components of the class are enhanced through online communication, classsroom attendance is still critical. Grades are based on student achievement and the ability to reach goals. Most of the goals of the class require close collaboration with partners, small groups, the entire class, or the instructor. As we learn the power of the communication tools technology provides, it is our responsibility to distribute that power efficiently and succesfully to achieve academic and real-world goals. Most importantly, it is our responsibility to enjoy the learning process, become excited about new things, share the success others find, and be accountable for what we are asked to do.


 Citizenship Expectations:  While it is the philosophical goal of the teacher to realize the dream of computer access for all, it is reality that computer access is still merely for the privileged.  All Correia students are privileged to be provided access to computer hardware, software, and digital recording equipment.  It is a class expectation that students keep their privilege by:

Absences:It is the responsibility of the student to pursue work missed due to absence.  Many cooperative group assignments are conducted in class and cannot be made up; as a result, excessive student absences will greatly affect a student’s learning as well as their grade.  Tests and quizzes may only be made up when the absence has been excused.

  Tardies:  Class begins when the teacher begins.  The teacher will begin when class is scheduled to start.  Students are expected to be in their seats, have their materials for the day out, and unneeded materials put away for the start of class.  Students who are not in their seat and prepared to start class will be marked tardy.  Three unexcused tardies in any six-week grading period will result in lunch detention and the reduction of citizenship by one letter grade. 

  Class Work and Routines: Students can expect to work in small groups of 2-6.  They will be expected to: listen to others, express appreciation to others, be helpful and assist each other, disagree in a positive way, and stay on task for the duration of the class period.  All classwork assignments will be completed on the computer, stored on the school server and submitted electronically.  All classwork assignments, directions, and warm-ups can be found daily on my website