Think Before You Speak­­­


A public service announcement (PSA) is a message, from a non-profit organization, intended to help the general public to make good decisions.  PSAs have generally have a very specific message, like “say no to drugs”, “stay in school”, etc.  They also have an audience that is very specific to their topic.  Public service announcements are broadcast on television, the Internet, the radio, and print media.


Our first project will be to create a safe campus culture using the digital media tools available to us through this class.  We will produce a series of PSAs directed at the 7th and 8th grade students that come to Correia everyday. 


During the TBYS project you will be required to research and critique public service announcements produced by students from other schools.  Then, you will create your own PSA by identifying a worthy cause, a target audience (ex. Correia students at lunch, on the bus, etc.), then writing and producing the advertisement on the television and on the Internet. 


Step 1: 

As a class, watch and critique the selected PSAs.  Analyze each message and the effectiveness of the message in the same style we have done with news media in the past.  Analyze the tools of persuasion used in each announcement.  Save this chart as “yournametbyscritique.doc”  Submit using weblockrz.

PSA and description of advertisement

Most Effective Part

Least Effective Part

What would I do differently

Tools of persuasion












































































Step 2.  Your table will be assigned a topic for a PSA.  Create an Inspiration chart and brainstorm 5 possible ways for you to produce a 1 minute video on your topic.  Your brainstorm will include:

-   *Cast—Who should be in your production

-   *Persuasive technique—What images, language, music, etc. will you use to reach your audience

-   *Target audience—Is this message for all students all the time, just at lunch, just on the bus, just in the locker room…

*What will your needs be—Can this be done all in the studio, all on location, props, students, extra actors, etc.

--When you are finished:

         * “Transfer” your chart to Word

         * Save as “yournamepsachart.doc”

         * Submit to me on weblockrz

Step 3. Create the script and setting. This will include a list of who will be in each role--Director, camera person, actors. Script must also include a list of all of the consequences for these actions--this will require some research. You may not guess or assume.

Step 4. Create the advertisement.  This will be done using iMovie…More to come.


Your project is paperless.  You may take notes at various places and times, but I will only accept, electronic submission of  EACH step.