Classroom Rules:

1.      Be respectful to all staff and classmates.

2.      Be in your seat and ready to work when the tardy bell rings.

3.      Stay in your seat unless the teacher gives you directions to do otherwise.

4.    Absolutely no food, drink, gum, candy, or make-up are allowed in any room on campus.

5.      No student will be allowed to interrupt the learning process.


Classroom Expectations:

1.      Focus—Attention should be complete and undivided.

2.      Listen—The directions will answer most of the questions you may have.

3.      Trust Yourself—Hard work and preparedness will be rewarded with great success.

4.      Take pride in the appearance of your desk, your classroom, and your school.

5.      Use class time wisely—work quietly at your desk.

Computer Lab Rules and Expectations:

1. Leave your backpack, water bottles, notebooks, etc. in the designated backpack area . Do not bring it to your computer station.

2. Enter and exit the lab according to the directions given by your teacher.

3. Computer and Internet use on campus is for schoolwork only.

4. We like our computers the way they are. Do not add or remove software of any computer in anyway without your teacher's permission.

5. We like our lab the way it is. Do not add or remove any computer hardware, desks, or chairs, without your teacher's permission.

Classroom Discipline Code:


Strike #1 = Warning

Strike #2 = Behavior log

Strike #3 = Parent contact and assigned detention.

Strike #4 or Severe Behavior = Referral

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