The team is only succesful when each member does their own job, correctly!


Studio To Do’s:

Anchors:  It all starts with you—1. Sit down

2.          Login to your teleprompter

3.          Put on your microphone

4.          don’t go anywhere

Director:  You are the link between the studio and the production room yours is the only voice that counts—

1.          Get everyone in to positions.

2.          Be aware of who is supposed to be doing what AND if they are doing it!

3.          Be assertive, when the job needs to get done direct people to do it…don’t do it for them

4.          Start with camera 2, 1, 3,…Microphone 1, 2…rehearse timing for audio or video inputs


Graphic Design/Audio : 

1.          Login and get the PowerPoint up

2.          Follow the directions of the director (we need the PowerPoint to line up the cameras)

3.          Sound check when Director asks for it



1.          Make sure ALL the lights are on in the studio

2.          Be ready for directions from the director

3.          Anchor should take up about 2/3 of the screen when focused properly

4.          Eyes should be about 2/3 to the top of the screen


Video coordinator: 

1.          Make sure everything is turned on

2.          rehearse timing for input of video or audio

a.           Import to iMovie

b.          Edit in iMovie

A/V Mixer:

1.          Bring up cameras in order as directed by the director so camera person can line up cameras

2.          work with audio/Video coordinator on timing for input of  audio//video


It looks like this:

First 2 minutes

1.          Anchors sit down and login

First 7 minutes

2.          Cameras are set up (PowerPoint, camera person, A/V mixer, anchors, and director all work on this at the same time)

a.           Check audio for each anchor when you have their camera shot on the screen)


First 12 minutes

3.          Anchors run through their stories one time while Audio and video input is rehearsed.

Remaining 43 minutes

4.          Begin filming, editing, compressing, posting


Nobody Leaves Until a Final Cut is Turned IN and all equipment is turned off!!!




Storyboard is written and matched with story and PowerPoint order (yesterday)


Anchors are in place and logged in


Cameras are aligned with anchor, A/V mixer, and PowerPoint


Audio check


Audio/Visual imports are rehearsed


Stories and backgrounds are rehearsed


All tapes are cued


Begin Filming