Class Syllabus: Media Technology

The video media technology class is designed to answer questions in video media such as What is media? What types of media are there?  How and why do people choose the types of media they use to communicate? How does media influence decisions we make? Who controls media? How is it all done? This last question will consume the major portion of class time but cannot be addressed without first understanding the medium we are working with.

Goals of the media technology class: 1. producing a morning news program to be broadcast at school and on the world-wide web 2. shooting and converting traditional video and editing it in a digital format, 3. creation of DVDs, 4. creative writing and producing for advertisements, public service announcements, reality tv shows, cartoons, and video game production, 5. Evaluation and creation of websites, 6.  Complete understanding and practical use of the variety of technology resources available to you.

The class has been broken into six major segments.  For credit in the class, you will participate in each.

Part I. The Basics: Using the computer and the camera

Part II. Converting and editing: traditional vs. digital video

Part III. Getting Creative: writing and producing for advertising and entertaining

Part IV. Choosing an Audience: daytime vs. primetime talk shows; "Reality TV" vs. Drama

Part V. Animation: Using clay, drawing, and computer techniques to create animated video

Part VI. Working with digital audio files to create soundtracks and podcasts.

Class Requirements. The Media Technology class is a variation of the Integrated Technology Studies class offered at Correia.  Students in the Media Technology class will become leaders and role models on campus and will be rewarded with autonomy in the classroom, campus privileges, and appearances on television and the Internet.  As such, students are required to maintain a cumulative 2.5 GPA in academics and 3.0 in citizenship to remain in the class. Students will be assigned some homework that requires them to watch and report on television shows, computer games, and/or the Internet. If any or all of these media forms are not available at home, they will be made available at Correia before and after school. Please note that when watching TV for homework, students should be preparing themselves to report on their viewing! Finally, attendance is a major class requirement. Taping and production of video media requires people to run the cameras and people to perform in front of them, missing a team member is a very difficult obstacle to overcome.

Students may be required to attend after school Correia functions like concerts, Association meetings, or other events as a member of the media.

Materials: Cameras, computers, editing equipment, will be provided for students during school. Any assignment requiring the use of these technology materials will be completed during school hours.  It is recommended that students buy or have access to a flash drive, blank CD-R, or blank DVD-R discs.