Dear parent,

The world of computers and new technology will offer unlimited possibilities to your child in his or her future.  Our job is to help these young adults to use technology in the most efficient way possible and to help them find their path to success.  In so doing it is essential that they understand the potential and responsibility associated with computer use.  Please read the course syllabus, student computer use agreement, and Internet use agreement then sign and return this form.

I feel that the education of your child requires a team effort.  My class is built on routines, if your child cannot tell you what is going on in class, something has gone terribly wrong.  We should be in contact immediately to find the root of the problem. Parent volunteers are frequently needed and always appreciated.  Please feel free to contact me at Correia whenever you have questions or wish to participate:


By phone:  (619)-222-0476 ext. 4607




Thank you.  I look forward to a very productive and enjoyable school year.



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