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The Correia Yearbook Syllabus

Welcome to Yearbook! Yearbook is an exciting, challenging, and fun class, and I look forward to working with you all throughout the upcoming year. Throughout this class, you will learn about page layout and design, publishing, journalism, photography, and business skills. Being a member of the staff is an incredible responsibility, but by the end of the year, you have produced a book that is valued by the students, faculty, and community.

Our Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the yearbook staff to put together a professional quality yearbook that the staff and students will back on proudly when sharing their memories. You will receive a grade for your role on the yearbook staff, but more important than the grade you recieive is the product that you make. By virtue of your role and responsibility on campus, you will be looked to as a leader both by peers and by staff members. Along with the prestige, comes the responsibility of leadership. Yearbook staff members must maintain a 2.5 GPA in academics and a 3.0 GPA in citizenship, and will be expected to attend extracurricular activities before or after school hours. Failure to maintain these standards will result probation or removal from the course.

Grading Policy and Assessments
Except for the first and last grading periods, your grade is based on your layouts. Your layouts will be evaluated based on photographs (are they present? Appropriate? Decent quality?), development of story, style (did you follow the style sheets? Are the folios where they should be?), deadline (either you meet it – and get full credit – or you don’t – and get a 0), and captions. You will also be graded on regular journalism type assignments such as critiques of other yearbooks, "media watch", "what's up?" and quickwrites.

Yearbook operates as a business; therefore, just as you would at a job, you must call in (or email) when you are going to be absent (before class meets). Repeated failure to do so will result in deductions from your citizenship grade. In addition, if you are absent on the day of a deadline, you MUST find a way to have everything turned in that day by 3rd period. Tardies and truancy are also unacceptable. There is a great deal to accomplish, and your fellow staff members are relying on you.